Bali is a beautiful island that is in Harmony with nature. It is also known worlwide for having a unique colorful spiritual culture. Inherent in the fascinating culture are it many ritual and practices which originated thousands of years ago and till now they have survived. Such is the endurance of Balinese culture, which in turn reflects on the deep faith and resilience of the Balinese people to study roots of today’s practices and how they have evolved from the original rituals is to take an interesting educational journey into the past.

In contrast to matters of religion, Bali’s history is difficult to chronicle as factual evidence has not been collected . what is known is that same stage in pre-historical times, an indigenous people populated the island. Their descendants known as the Bali Aga, practiced animism, they settle mainly in the village of Tenganan and Trunyan still continue to worship the spirit of nature un influenced by the spread of Hinduism.

One of the most dramatic and enduring developments in Bali’s history came about when a form of Hinduism which had been introduced to java, was transported to and widely accepted in Bali in the first century, this religion was in fact a fascinating mix of Siwa Hinduism and Mahayana Budhism, both of originaly from India and brought to Indonesia by Indian traders.

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